Financial Independent in life 2022

Financial Independent in life 2022

Friends, in today’s time, everyone wants that they should be financial independent. Ham doesn’t want to be a burden on his parents. That’s why we also do Ham study with our heart. After passing school we think what to do.

Today I will tell you about 7 such powerful Habit to become Financial Independent in life. With the use of which your life will be set, that is, what you wanted to know, how to become financially independent, you will become.

Most of the people’s parents want their children to become doctors, engineers, and they give every facility that the children need.

They do admission in good colleges and hostels are also provided so that children do not have any disturbance, they are able to do well, they can get good marks so that they can get a good job. And Both understands that his life is set. But do you think that success is possible only after getting a good job after studying well. Be happy in sift of 10-6 in the job.

Even if they are doing a job, then it is very important for them to take care of some things which become financial independent.

Financial Independent in life 2022
  1. Set Life Goal
  2. Spend less in comparison to less.
  3. Make second income also.
  4. Try not to take loans and credit cards.
  5. Start saving 20% ​​of your salary.
  6. Start investing.
  7. Buy health cover and life insurance.

Set Life Goal :-

Friends, if you want to be financially independent in your life, then you have to make the goal of your life. Do you want to work for the rest of your life or be your own boss? That’s why having a life goal is so important.

financial freedom

For example, you have thought that you have to become a tax, flat and millionaire in your life, for that you will work hard day and night.
So that you can reach your destination.

If you will not make the goal of your life and do not dream about what you want in life, then how will you be able to sow.

Last week was very interesting. We were with a group of women who were out for a walk. This trip was very exciting. There were many stories in it. The average age of the women in the group was 65 years. It was interesting to know how things have changed for these women.

Many of them had done a lot of work in their life. Now she was enjoying retirement on her own terms. The stories of some widowed women were touching. She was now feeling completely free. Many of them shared their own experiences. Told how she sacrificed all the happiness for her husband and family. This was not a very old thing. But, now she was happy.

These women were spending on clothes and accessories. Enjoying the holidays. She was laughing openly. It was a pleasure to see them. I too have a group of friends. It gathers in one place. Every evening we talk amongst ourselves about something or the other. One of us starts it. These things are about children, mother-in-law, husband, work, men and food. When it comes to my speaking in terms of money, I discuss these things. Here I am telling about such measures, which can help women to achieve financial independence.

1. set aside money for your needs

It is a beautiful feeling to enjoy financial freedom. You should have the time when you can call your money your own. You can put it anywhere you want. If it works, then definitely add some money for yourself. If you do not do a job, then make sure that a part of the family income must be invested in your name. It should be for your use. Not all of us have the benefit of pension income. But, there should be money for your use. By all means try to collect it.

2. Security doesn’t mean gold

The asset has a limited purpose. Do not invest too much money in assets like real estate, gold, silver. Such wealth is often imprisoned in vaults. It gets only limited use. Daughters are usually sent to the husband’s house with gold and ornaments. In this, their share in the wealth of the family is also given. For women who are not able to directly use the property of the husband’s family, the money received from the maiden acts as a security. Today there is education and jobs for women to protect them. They don’t need to sleep.

3. Don’t worry about leaving a legacy to the kids

We live in an era where parents are very worried about the upbringing of children. Some working women feel guilty of not being able to take care of children. Because of this, they become a little more polite with children. The child should be supported at all times. Make them promising by reading and writing. But, when the children grow up and start earning, then definitely draw a line. Children do better when they have to take care of their own responsibilities.

4. not hard to invest

Knowing about investing is not difficult at all. Money kept like this loses its value. While applying it opens the way of earning from it. Choose each investment option by seeing where it is being invested and what will happen to it. When you allow your money to be used by others, you get returns in return. Care should be taken that it does not fall into any wrong hands.

5. Don’t let your money take your hands

During the visit, a woman told how her PF money was used by her brothers to set up their business. Later he proved unsuccessful in this. She was lucky that her husband had left a lot of money for her. But, he cautioned that due to money in the hands of the elderly, relatives and relatives lag behind. Overall, you should have control over the money. That’s how you should decide how to use it.

6. don’t keep all the money in one place

It is wrong to think that you should keep all the money in one place. Money is used in many ways. There are many organizations that use your money to run their business. In return, you get a return. A part of the money is used for everyday activities. The rest of the money should be invested. This will open the way for earning.

7. take care of your own money

Do not share information with others to avoid someone else having access to your money. Then no matter how close they are to you. Some in the women’s group had given the responsibility of managing money to children, husband and financial advisor. This method is not correct. Learn to take care of your money yourself. Keep your bank account safe. Learn Net Banking. Go to the ATM on your own. Keep checking the account from time to time.

8. save all papers

Pay your taxes and don’t forget to file your return. Make sure the nomination is completed. Consolidate your investments in a few options only. This will make it easier to keep an eye on it. Close accounts you don’t use. Save each document. Know when which paper is needed.

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Spend less than you earn.

My friend if you want to become financial independent in life. So put this habit that you earn as much as you can. Have to spend less than that.

You have to manage your expenses so that you can make some savings.

For this it is necessary that you keep some part of your earnings in a savings account.

You have to open such a savings account in which you also get good interest. And also there should be no charges for banking services.

Make second income also.

Friends, it is not that we will become financial independent only from the income earned from job or business.

For this it is necessary that we should also make second income.

For example, if you do a job, then you invest some part of your salary with it, so that your second income will also start coming when the returns of your investment will come.

Apart from this, if you have your own house, then you can give some rooms on rent. Due to which Room Rent will become your second income.

Friends, you can buy a car and put it on RENT such as OLA and UBER from which your second income will start.

If there is an emergency situation on your family, then along with your salary, your complete savings will not end because if you have a lot of income, then your financial condition will not be bad due to the end of one, then you will be financial independent.

Try not to take loans and credit cards.

Friends, in today’s time Digitalization has become so much that people cannot get rid of the garden from it. And if you do a job, then it is difficult for you to live without a bike or car, i phone mobile, laptop and A / c room, your income is not enough that you can take all this.

A big reason for this is that you have to take loans and credit cards even if you do not want to.

As an example, I will tell about my friend. His name is Sachin.

Sachin works in a private sector company, his salary is 25000 / month.
Sachin is from a town of an up, his house is made of raw.

Bo works in Delhi and his age is 27 years. Now the people of the house start looking for a girl for his wife. So Sachin thinks that he makes the house pucca before plain but he does not have enough money to make the house pucca and thinks of taking a loan for him.

And he takes a pesonal loan of five lakhs and sends it to his home. Whose EMI came to 11240 / month. His house is fixed.

Now after a month or two, he has to take a bike because there was a problem in going to duty.

Now he took a bike whose EMI was 5230 / Month and got total EMI of 16470 / Month, now he used to live on rent in Delhi and he had nothing left when he got grocery. Once Bo fell ill, he did not have health insurance, so he had nothing, then he paid the bill by borrowing from friends. Now Bo is in debt.

That’s why I say friends, stay away from loans and credit cards if possible.

Start saving 20% ​​of your salary.

Dosto if you are doing job and cough is out station job then the most important step for you to be financial independent is that 40% of your monthly salary apko kisi saving account me transfer krna hain jo apke will come in handy in emergency

The rest you can spend in your common expenses such as room rent, grocery, and lifestyle, these are such expenses from which no one can escape, apart from this there are also some emergency expenses which keep coming from time to time such as medical emergency.

Start investing.

Friends, these are also most important to be financial independent because if you do not invest, then those savings which you have will be spent in your upcoming expenses like if you have to buy a car, you have to buy a house, children have to get admission in a good school.

You will spend your money in all these expenses, then you will not have money for the higher studies of your children, you will have to take a loan for the simple cover of the children.

Then you will not be financial independent which is why 70% of people in India are in debt because they do not manage from their start, they do jobs, they spend all the money towards 20,000, they do not go by saving 40%.

Buy health cover and life insurance.

In today’s time, both the health and life cover are very important for the financial security of the family for the earning person, because in the present situation, it is common for illness.

That any person can fall ill suddenly and if you have not taken your health insurance then it can destroy all your savings which have been earned by hard work for many years.

And if something happens to you, then your family’s daily necessities are being spent, then their financial condition will become very bad, so it is important that you do a term plan for the financial security of the family.

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